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Host your website with us and we will keep it live on the internet, ensuring your customers have 24/7 access to your business. Our service is local and accessible with a helpful and friendly service in the same timezone as you.

Australian Owned Hosting

We offer 100% Australian owned internet hosting for your website business needs. Not only will your data and internet service be more secure from staying on homegrown soil, it will be more reliable and faster too. Super speedy compared to your data going overseas and then all the way back to Australia again for local searches.

Server Locations

Our super-sized servers which will host growing business websites well into the future, are located in Sydney, NSW. We manage them from the Central Coast, so you can be assured of a reliable and trustworthy hosting service.

Hosting Packages

We have some excellent hosting package deals that you will want to take advantage of as they’ll save you time and money and give you peace of mind.

Package 1:

$330 incl GST
Annual hosting fee.

Package 2:

$550 incl GST
Annual hosting fee.

Package 3:

$770 incl GST
Annual hosting fee.

Package 4:

$990 incl GST
Annual hosting fee.

MakeWeb Hosting Services

Taking a hosting package with us means you’ll automatically have access to a whole ‘host’ of services (no pun intended) as part of each package, depending on the level you need. We will not oversell these to you - it’s in our interest to only offer you the most suitable hosting package for your business and your needs.  If you are interested, we will send you a detailed proposal of what you get at each level. However, there are some stand-out inclusions that we would like to highlight as they are often questions our clients raise.

Stand-out Hosting Benefits and Inclusions



With package 1, you’ll receive 200GB of bandwidth (data transfer) each month. This can be easily adjusted should you need more temporarily. However, if that’s more of a constant, then we will recommend stepping up to the next level package (which also has more inclusions other than just the bandwidth).


SSD Storage (Solid State Drive)

Under package 1, you’ll be allocated 2GB of storage space and this should be plenty for your ongoing needs. As part of regular maintenance, we can keep this under control to help your site run quickly with future website edits will be easier to manage.


Email Address, Up-Sizing

(Like when you buy a basic MacDonalds meal but just get a larger drink and french fries). Instead of having to increase to a package 2, if you want more than the 2GB of email storage, we can just ‘up-size’ you with a yearly email hosting fee of $110 + GST, which our smaller business clients find most preferable.


SSL Certificate

A must have! Google will not take you seriously if you don’t have this ‘security gate’ on your website. They’ll prioritise your competitors and will warn your customers that your website is unsafe. It’s the website visitor’s guarantee that you won’t allow their data or passwords to be ‘stolen’ as they are encrypted over the internet, from website to client. The best part of this inclusion? It’s FREE as part of our awesome hosting service!

Software Update Options

You can choose which software maintenance you would like to go with. Due to the increased hacking and viruses, we recommend either Software Care Lite or Software Care Pro. Each option has a whole bunch of inclusions and are both great value for money. The only option you don’t have - is not to take up one of these options… as we’ve had to make them mandatory for your website and business security as part of our overall service.


We host new and existing domains, all in the one place. You can transfer your existing domains for free and keep their renewal dates. Renew them for just $33 per year. New domains are also available within your customer portal if you need them

Carbon Negative

Do you care about the environment and the future of our planet? Yes? Then we are your preferred hosting provider! Our servers are better than carbon neutral in fact… they actually run carbon negative with an offset program. Remember telling your customers about your sustainably sourced and printed brochures? Now you can tell them your website hosting is carbon negative by choosing to use MakeWeb for your hosting.

What now?
Contact us for a comprehensive hosting service proposal for your business needs. Stay local and sign up with your local hosting company for an efficient, faster, reliable and more responsive service.