High-performance websites


We’ve built a bullet-proof set of web tools to keep businesses online and connected. We try them on ourselves first, and every one of our favourite technologies are available in the list below.

Website Design

Unless you’re adept at website building already, most user interfaces are better for quick headaches than business solutions. Not this time. Makeweb’s format gives you flexibility to make changes yourself, or simply have us make any adjustments for you. You can get as creative as you like, with complete control in displaying your brand just how you want it, while always adhering to web standards.

For a number of years now, WordPress has been the best supported, most widely adopted Content Manager in the world.
Then we made it even better.
We took this great platform and have written major improvements into the back-end user interface, search engine findability and page load speed.

Having a kick-ass website isn’t your business, your business is.
Now you can easily spend time on what really matters.


It should never be hard for honest businesses to be found by people who need them.

It isn’t impossible for Google to lead people straight to your site.

Practice has shown us time and time again that a well performing website can generate scores of phone calls and e-mail enquiries for small local businesses every week. If yours doesn’t do that now, Makeweb is what you’re missing!

Taking your business on-the-line is only as good as the new opportunities it can attract. We can show you how to make sure you get found online and get the results you want.

Adwords PPC Campaigns

We manage Adwords weekly so they constantly improve

Google Pay Per Click Adwords campaigns can be highly effective for the right industries. Adwords are more prompt than SEO campaigns and can give you highly accurate data and results quickly.

We manage Adwords for a flat monthly fee, on top of your spend to Google. But our challenge is always to more than pay for our services in increased conversions on your campaign. We are yet to find a campaign that we cannot dramatically improve.

Having one team to manage SEO and Adwords is an excellent option for quickly fill the gaps in rankings and target very specifically the work you want to win. It also allows us to create specific landing pages that speak directly to that ad campaign.

WordPress Rescue

If you’ve been hacked, then you need proper website mechanics to get under the hood and fix the problem.

We do website security every day. We see the latest updates and security patches, and we know how malicious code can worm its way in to your site. It is often related to outdated plugins and software on your site.

The best time to think about security is before your website is full of malicious code. You can see our security managed hosting package below.

But if you urgently need your WordPress rescued then still give us a call. We have the expertise to recover as much of is as is possible.

Speed up your WordPress

Impatient with your own site’s load time?

It might simply need a tune up. The trouble with WordPress is that it comes over-developed and bloated. Sure, the database in WordPress is well supported and at its core it is well written, but database flexibility brings with it some inevitable slowness.

We were wary of using WordPress to create websites even for ourselves, but having learned to strip it back and speed it up, we are confident that it provides a fast, stable platform.

Page load speed is a Google ranking factor, and research shows users simply leave the site and go elsewhere if it takes too long. If you run a WordPress site and are nervous it loads too slow, give us a look and we can speed it right up for you!

Simpro Contact Form Integration

Get leads from your website directly in to your CRM!

When users fill out your website contact form, what chain of events is triggered in your business?

If you have to copy and paste, or risk one user not seeing it, or don’t know who has dealt with it then you’ll know how much better it’d be if the contact form went info went straight in to your Simpro CRM.

No risk of errors, confidence that none get missed, and visual tracking that the right action is taken quickly to capitalise on each lead. We custom link your contact form so the information important to you is transferred accurately.

Domain Names

We are a full-service domain provider.

We can find, purchase, renew and manage domain names for your project.

You may be looking for brand protection, landing pages for print media campaigns, or Google visibility, or simply somewhere to put your business website.

We give advice, backed up with research data so that you can make the right decision before you spend a cent, and we make certain that you spend the least to achieve your goal.

You can check availability of your domain right now at

Email Addresses

The Makeweb team use and recommend Google Mail.

We’ve been using it for years, and wouldn’t dream of anything else. In our opinion they are the best email for business provider in the world

Gmail excels in backups, suffers the least ‘down time’, filters spam more accurately and offers more cheeky features. It also boasts the best web interface for mail we’ve ever seen.

Phil’s good with words, so we asked his opinion. “Robust, flexible, no-nonsense, business-grade email.” Well said, Phil.

We can still set it up for you, and liaise with Google support to import existing mailboxes etc.

Read more about it, even sign up for a trial here

Website Hosting

We manage the server while you manage your website.

Self-hosting is difficult and can present a whole host of problems. Managed hosting is our recommendation for businesses.

We have meticulously chosen and carefully set up a host server so you don’t have to. Our servers are in Sydney, so you get proximity, reliability and superior technology

Website hosting is more than storing your website files. It bridges the gap between domain, website, email and the rest of the world.

It’s a big deal, so you don’t want to make the wrong choice – let us take care of the details for you.

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Leave your details and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Not keen to trust your email to the ether? You can get more direct details on our contact page.

But rest assured, we don’t sell any personal info. And we get back to contact form enquiries quickly. Don’t believe me? Try it!

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