AI – A Big Game-Changer

woman using AI

AI is the talk of the town (world!) at the moment, with just about everyone jumping on board to try it out, with the hope of making their lives easier. From teachers sending out letters addressing parents, award presentations, and motivational speeches to website content creation, blogs, party invitations, and more. There are even courses, workshops, and AI-focused networking functions being held to inform and guide this new age of working with artificial intelligence in the scope of content generation.

It’s certainly a very exciting time. But it’s also a little uncertain… not really knowing all the pros and cons of how versatile the outcomes are.

For example, if we use AI-generated content, we need to be cautious when it comes to creating content for a new website or boosting ranking and visibility via the use of fresh content and blogs. If you’ve already started dabbling in the world of AI, then you’ll notice the limitations and duplication of vocabulary and expressions, the lack of personality, and unique interpretation.

A marketing colleague and I had good fun for a few weeks, identifying what had been written by AI and pulling out the typical language used in the content… plus most content shows no personality – which is important even for brands. There’s been much speculation over whether or not Google will penalise AI-generated content. But Google announced that “Appropriate use of AI or automation is not against our guidelines. This means that it is not used to generate content primarily to manipulate search rankings, which is against our spam policies.” in a recent blog. They also advised that however content is produced, those seeking success in Google Search should be looking to produce original, high-quality, people-first content demonstrating qualities E-E-A-T. (Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.)

Benefits of AI

Is there a benefit to using AI? Of course! It’s great for generating ideas and structure. If you’re a little lost on where to start, you are given a great head start. It’s so much easier to edit content than it is to start writing from scratch. All you have to do is provide the objective of what you want to write about, who to, and some bullet points if you can, along with a number limit of words.

AI is ideal for keyword ideas that you can then check with a keyword planner, content with keywords peppered throughout, and meta titles and descriptions. Again, use it for idea generation and tweak it accordingly to add authenticity and uniqueness. Importantly to appeal to your target audience but more so to Google in this instance.

Remember, concise content to get your message across to your potential customers is key. Short, clear sentences that are written in plain English are going to be quicker and easier to read than flowery descriptive content.

Let me share a couple of examples where I found AI to be really useful.

    1. For interpreting legal jargon. As part of strata, someone I knew wrote a scathing and threatening message to one of the other tenants. To someone not in the legal profession, it meant nothing, albeit the tone and non-comprehensible language appeared to be important! So we used Chat GPT and input the message, asking for it to be interpreted in layman’s terms. What a fabulous tool! So if you have technical jargon or there’s an expression you don’t understand – whether it’s in your own language or another, you’ll have the answer in seconds! We did and they were able to respond appropriately.
    2. I had to put together some content that needed to have a humorous tone added from a different culture. AI provided the content and peppered in the different culture’s expressions and humorous tones.
    3. Plans and strategies. A number of people use AI to provide plan outlines, strategy templates, and much more. What could you use it for?

Let’s keep exploring the powerful AI tool and share our experiences to ensure we are delivering authentic and engaging content to our readers. Whether it’s interpreting technical jargon, adding a sense of humour, or creating marketing strategies, use it wisely and to help us improve our daily lives by creating content easily and effectively but adding that personal touch.