MakeWeb General Terms of Service

- Updated June, 2023


Thank you for choosing to do business with MakeWeb. We are a interactive and friendly company who want to see you succeed.

Please read our Terms of Service carefully. These outline our working arrangements to ensure every success in your website investment.

Communicating & Collaborating With Us

For work requests on your website - including additions, changes or training, please contact us via our helpdesk email: Websites need content maintenance to stay up-to-date and our team at the helpdesk are here to help. Turnaround times are dependent upon the nature of the request and the urgency. Please refer to ‘work requests’ and ‘urgent work requests’ below.

Work Requests

If you request additions, changes to or training for your website, we will bill you at our base hourly rate (currently $130 + GST per hour). If you need us to provide an estimate for work that may take more than four hours, please let us know.

Urgent Work Requests

If you need something done urgently, our emergency rate is $195 + GST per hour, or $260 + GST per hour over weekends and public holidays. In that case we will endeavour to take the required action by the next business day. We do not provide fixed quotes in these instances, however, we are happy to provide an estimate before we start if required.


Work requests are billed in 15 minute increments and invoiced monthly. A minimum fee equivalent to 1 hour applies for the invoice total.


MakeWeb offers hosting of domains and websites.

We do not host emails, as we recommend several world class email hosting providers instead.

Domains require renewal prior to each expiry date. The standard renewal period is 1 year, with renewal invoices sent annually. You will receive reminders prior to them expiring on your nominated billing email address(es).

Our website hosting is billed annually. In exchange we maintain a high-performance server in Sydney. Month-to-month hosting can be arranged by request, if necessary.

Software & Security

Websites need maintenance and virus protection. Internet browsing software is regularly updated, as well as the coding languages that websites are built on. To stay compatible and minimise hacking vulnerabilities, regular monitoring, maintenance and security tasks need to be applied.

We offer Software Maintenance as an additional service, whereby we run monthly software updates where viable and necessary to WordPress, Plugins and Theme software. We highly recommend this service, because it is the best line of defence in preventing WordPress websites being hacked. If your website is hacked while you are on our Software Maintenance package, we will promptly restore it at no additional cost. You can view the packages here:


MakeWeb is registered for GST. There is a GST component on all our invoices. Our formal quoted prices will specify if they are including or excluding GST. Our casual quotes, via phone or email, tend to exclude GST.

Payment Methods

Invoices are sent by email with an attached PDF.

Payment can be made by direct deposit, or by debit/credit card (via Stripe). For direct deposits, please include your invoice number on the transaction.

The payment terms (usually 7 days) will be noted on the invoice. We will send friendly reminder emails if payment has not been received.

Late Payments

When a payment is overdue, work on your project will be put on hold until outstanding balances are paid.

We send reminder emails, up until an invoice is 30 days overdue. After this time, MakeWeb may commence debt recovery and/or legal proceedings to recoup the expenses and costs, including costs incurred during the recovery of such fees (ie. debt collection fees, practitioner fees, Court filing fees). We will endeavour to notify you before this happens. And we always prefer to resolve invoicing and accounts matters with you personally in a friendly and collaborative manner.

For overdue payments on website hosting and associated services, we have suspension/termination procedures in place after your active service period expires. Without renewal payment, a hosting service will be automatically suspended 14 days after expiry. Should your service be suspended and then unsuspended following payment, please note that no credits or refunds will be issued for suspended dates – your data still requires storage during this time. A hosting service will be automatically terminated 42 days after renewal due date, and additional costs may be incurred to restore after termination. Associated services, such as software licensing, software maintenance or any recurring service package, will cease or be put on hold after non-payment.

For overdue payments on domain renewals, domains will automatically expire, with a 30 day period in which you can still pay for renewal to restore before the domain is dropped and available to the public for purchase.

Cancellation of Works

If you need to cancel a work request or a service/product, please notify MakeWeb as soon as possible.

For hourly rate work requests, MakeWeb will cease work when notified and only invoice for work completed up until that point. Such work includes administration, research and development time already spent on the work request that is cancelled.

MakeWeb team members expect to be treated with respect and have their time valued. Breach of our Terms of Service includes mistreatment of MakeWeb team members, non-payment of invoices, and demands for unpaid work beyond the scope of quoted works. MakeWeb reserves the right to cancel works if reasonable expectations such as these are not being met. In the unprecedented event where MakeWeb cancels your project/works, any completed or in-progress development that has been paid for up to that point will belong to you - either as added/updated on your live website or, if on a staging website, you may request the files to be taken elsewhere to complete.

We will endeavour to resolve any issue or conflict with collaboration and understanding, reserving cancellation as a last resort only.

Please note that no refunds will be made for any work already completed or in progress, nor for products/services already provided. Payment in full will be required for any outstanding invoices and for work carried out up until the point of cancellation.

Acceptance of our Terms of Service

Once again, we would like to thank you for choosing MakeWeb to do business with you. By sending work requests for our services/products, you acknowledge and accept these Terms of Service.