Creating a New Quill Engage Account

Creating a New Quill Engage Account

Quill Engage allows you to set up reports of your analytics data. These reports tell you what's happening in plain English. To set up an account, you need a google account, that also has the required permissions on the analytics property for which you want the report.


Go to and sign up.

sign up for free quill engage account


Sign in with a google account (one that has access to the analytics account in question).

Note: For the free report version, you are allowed 1 report per account. To set up more that one report, you will need to upgrade to a paid version.


Enter the email address for the account and click "Next".

sign in with email address

Enter the password for the account and click "Sign in".

enter the password and sign in

Allow Quill Engage access to the necessary google account data.

allow access


Now in the Quill Engage dashboard, click in the box to "Set Up New Report".

new report

Select the relevant Google Analytics Account folder, Property and View.

A default report title will be generated based on the view title. This report title can be customised.

new report

Once the reports have been generated, you can see the current report by clicking on “View Report”.

new report

By default, weekly and monthly reports will be generated and sent to the email address with which you signed in.

To change the recipient email address, click on the "Report Schedule" tab, then remove the default email address and replace with the intended one. A free account allows for one email address recipient per scheduled report.


You can upgrade from a free account to customise the report and its branding.


To logout, click on the profile image.

profile avatar

Then click "Logout" and let the recipient email address await some reports!