How do I keep people on my website for longer?

To keep your website visitors on your website longer – you need to make your content engaging and most of all – relevant!

Firstly, make it clear on your homepage at the top, what your business provides. That’s the first step to avoid customers leaving immediately so they know they have come to the right place!

Ensure your content is well-written, clear and interesting. Use headlines and short paragraphs to allow people to easily scan down the page. Write in plain English, avoiding jargon and long words (even if they do make you look really intelligent) and proof read for spelling and grammatical errors so that the end result is an enjoyable experience for your website visitor.

A well-structured website that flows well and moves your customer easily through your content and pages will help retain them on your website. High quality images that are reflective of your product or services along with any videos are an excellent tool as most people process visually more than reading lots of content.

Make sure you include links from one page to another, or from various topics to relevant sections on your website – or to external websites where you need to. For external websites, open up a new tab for your customers to visit that website, so that they can easily stay on your website and not get lost.

Call to action buttons and forms across your website in obvious places are essential to provide your customers with the opportunity to enquire further, book an appointment or buy your product. After all, that’s why you want your visitors to stay on your website right? And not go to a competitor… it’s about creating credibility and authority with your brand and product/service so that they buy from you.

Rule 101.

Make sure your website is complete with helpful, relevant and interesting information that your customers are interested in. There are so many ways to make your business visible on the internet. This article will run through some of the options available for creating online assets for your business.