How to add a saved section to a page from your Divi Page Builder Library

How to add a saved section to a page from your Divi Page Builder Library


Log in to your WP Admin panel.


log in to WP admin panel


Navigate to "Pages".


Then click on the title (or "edit" option if hovering) of the page you wish to edit.


edit page
You can also use the search function to find the page you need to edit.


search for page to edit


In the Page Builder, scroll to where you wish to add a new section from the library.

Click "Add From Library".

add section from library


Choose the layout you wish to load.


load layout
Grey layouts are not global, so changes you make to this will only be implemented in this one occurrence.

Green layouts are global, so changes you make to this will be implemented in every occurrence of this section on the website.



Make your desired edits to the modules (or rows) in the section, by clicking on the settings icons (3 lines).

make edits to section

 STEP 6:

Edit the section settings to give the section a link anchor, a unique name, to save it to your layout library, etc.

section settings

Add link anchor to section:

Click on the "Custom CSS" tab, and enter your desired link anchor.

You can link to this anchor with the matching link:


add link anchor

Give the section a unique admin label:

Click on the "General Settings" tab, and scroll down to "Admin Label:".

You can give your section a unique label, which will be visible if you collapse the section.

Click "Save" OR "Save & Add To Library" if you wish to use this section again in other places on your site.

rename section

Save to layout library:

Give the layout template a name.

You can also choose to make it a global section (which means changes made to this layout anywhere on the site will update every occurrence of this layout on the site).

You can choose or add a category for your layout for helpful organisation.

When you are finished, click "Save And Add To Library".

add to library
Now you will also be add to add this section to other places on your site.
If you chose to make your section a global layout, the entire section will now be bright green.

Changes to this section can be made from the page, or from your layout library (navigate to Divi>Divi Library from the admin menu).

You can collapse this section by right-clicking on the settings icon, then clicking collapse.

collapse global section
You collapsed section will now look like this, with the section admin label visible for reference:
collapsed global section
Now, if you add this global section to another place on your site, it will also look like this in the Divi Page Builder.


Finally, save your changes.

update to save changes