How to Clear and Remove the Divi Navigation Menu

How to Clear and Remove the Divi Navigation Menu

This includes the phone number link which is often on a one-page site.

Click here for how to hide the Divi Navigation Menu, when clearing the menu is not important.


First, if required, we will clear the menu items from a previous divi install.

Log in to your WP Admin panel. Navigate to Appearance>Menus.

appearance - menus
If there are previous menu items existing in the install that relate to a different site, click on the menu item's dropdown arrow to open. Then remove and save menu changes. We will now hide the menu, so if the menu item is generic and may be useful to future changes, you could leave it there for easier future editing.
remove menu items


Navigate to Divi>Theme Options.

Navigate to divi theme options


Scroll down to "Custom CSS" and paste in the following CSS snippet.

#main-header { display:none; }
#page-container { 
	padding-top:0px !important; 
	margin-top:-1px !important 

Save changes.

hide header css