How to make text changes to a page

Changing text in a text module

If you would like to make a change to website text on a page, login to your WordPress dashboard. You will see the list of pages by clicking on the ‘Pages’ item in the WordPress menu. If you have a long list of items in the menu, you can search for the page or you can simply find it by scrolling down the list.  Click on the item title or on the edit option that appears when you hover over the row.

Editing from the Divi Builder View

Once you are editing the page, the Divi Builder loads, and shows a wireframe view of the page layout. It has sections and within the sections, are rows, and inside the rows, are columns with modules. To edit text from here, click on the settings cog for that module. Change the text as needed, and then click on save changes, using the green tick. Make sure you click ‘update’ to put any changes live. After you’ve made any changes, make sure you hover over the wp-rocket item and click clear cache. That just sends those changes to browsers. 

Editing from the front end, using the Visual Builder

You can also build on the front end by clicking the view page, or simply just click on the ‘build on the front end’ button. This will load a visual builder which allows you to make changes on your page and see the changes happening live.

You can get out of the editor using the ‘exit visual builder’ button. Once you are out of the editor on the page, it will say ‘use visual builder’. Use it to go in and out of the visual builder.  You can also get there by navigating to the page on the front end whilst logged in, then click on the button to start using it. You can click on the same module cog to make changes to the text. Make them here and click save, as you would in the wireframe view, or you can simply just click into a text module and make changes live.  If you’ve done that, you can no longer access the module settings buttons. All you need to do is click out somewhere.  Then they will re-appear. 

After making any changes, click on the purple button which opens up some options, and click on save. From these options, you can view the tablet and mobile views of your page. Once you’ve saved your changes, you can click ‘exit visual builder’ to just see the page without the visual builder there.

Tip: Remember to clear the cache after saving changes, using WP Rocket in the editing bar at the top of the page.

Changing text in other module types

I’m still in the visual builder on this page. What if I want to change text on the page that’s not in a text module? If I click here, I can see text settings – that tells me this is a text module. Further down is another module, but that’s a button so I can’t just click into it. I need to actually click on the module settings cog to open it. I can see button settings which tell me it’s a button module. There are fields to change a text for any other modules like this. For example, I could change this to ‘view portfolio’ and click save. Then save all my changes using the green save button on the bottom right.