How to Find an Image on the Internet

How to Find An Image or Image Source on the Internet

A client asked if I could track down the source of an image they found on the web. It was provided to me as an iPad screenshot:
Forwarded image


The way I did this was to go to google image search:

Finding an image source


Clicking the camera icon next to the magnifying glass opens up an interface where you can drag and drop or browse to an image file:

Google images search


I took a screen shot of the screen shot, cropping out the iPad background, and dragged it onto the image search menu.
Cropped image


Here's what Google showed me:

google image search results


Google's best guess was that it was a photo of a "nature reserve" (Google auto input that phrase based purely on the image I used in the search).
Not a bad guess for a bot. But it did not reveal exactly what I was after.
So I redid the search, with my own search terms, "adirondack chairs overlooking lake":
google image search with keywords added
This is looking better.

I follow the "getty images" link, second from the top. And there it is, halfway down the page:

image source found
This revealed the photographer, and we were able to get in touch to arrange the licensing and use of the image for commercial web purposes.