Making the most of your website changes: Budget-maximising tips

Get the Most From Your Web Team When You Make Site Changes

Our team is here to help you keep your website up to date, whether it’s a content change, functionality update, or performance improvement. We also understand how important it might be for you to make website changes and stay within your budget.

MakeWeb’s Minimum Fee

We charge an hourly fee that reflects time spent on work requests, which could include anything from a website edit, to training or consultation. This is billed in 15 minute increments and invoiced monthly. A minimum fee equivalent to 1 hour applies for the invoice total. (Read our Terms of Service here.)

If your work request is minimal, but your budget determines that you need to maximise the bang for your buck on that 1 hour minimum and have less of them across a year, here are some ideas:

1. Making The Most of Our Partnership by Bundling Requests

Before you contact us with a work request, why not spend a few more minutes looking around your website to see what else could be updated?

If you send a few requests at once, you’ll be more likely to fill the time as well as prevent the need for another small request the following month. You’ll also have the added benefit of a quality website that will be up to date and provide your customers with a good overall experience as well as increasing your Google visibility through better ranking factors.

2. Software Updates For Website Security

When was the last time your website software was updated?

If you’re not on a Software Maintenance package, firstly… you should be. Nevertheless, why not ensure your website software is up to date? Ask us to run WordPress, Plugins and Theme software updates where viable and necessary. Not only can software updates include bug fixes and additional features – keeping your software up-to-date is the best line of defence in preventing your WordPress website from being hacked.

3. Contact Form Deliverability

Have you received a contact form submission lately? When was the last time you tested it?

We recommend testing your contact form/s regularly. With ever-growing spam protection on emails to keep up with ever-growing spam, emails from your website are not immune to being blocked. If you take a moment to test your contact form and it works, great! But if it doesn’t, now is the time to ask for help. We can investigate and implement the necessary updates/upgrades/changes/advice to ensure that emails from your website can make their way to you again.

4. Leveraging WordPress through Learning and Self-Editing Your Website

Need to make regular text and image changes?

We’re always happy to help. However, if you are keen to learn and make the changes yourself in the future, ask us to make a video instruction too. We’ll create this for you, using your requested edit as the example, so that you can DIY next time.

5. Website Advice

Need to consult us? We’re here to advise where possible, within our area of expertise.

It may be obvious that consultation is a paid service, but it can be challenging for some when advice isn’t demonstrated with a product or defined outcome. So if you’re hesitant to pay for consultation services, hit up the ol’ Google first (or your preferred place of research). Then if you still need our expertise, ask us and see it through. If you cancel in between… we’ll still have a business cost from having provided some or all of this service, which will be passed on to you in an hourly rate fee.

If this happens very quickly when we might not have yet spent an hour on support, why not try some of the suggestions on this page? Or even ask us for help/advice with something else on your website with which you’ve been struggling?

Maximising your Website’s Potential

Want your business to benefit from our website services with a website that you can be proud of? We are keen to create and maintain the viability of continuing to offer you our services. And in doing so, we are committed to a long-term partnership where we can service your website needs in a fast, affordable and effective way. And leave you feeling happy and satisfied with our professional services.

Thanks for trusting us with your website, and your business’ online shopfront experience.