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Info About Your Business

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Business History

Account Users

Who will be the primary authorised user of this account?

(This person is authorised to operate the account on behalf of the business.)


Residential address

Company directors

(Please provide details of all individuals registered as company directors with the relevant corporate regulator. You must provide details of at least one director.)

Beneficial owners

(Please provide details for anyone who either owns a 25% or more share of the business, or is in a position to exercise significant authority over the finances and operations of the business. Examples of people who have financial and operational control of the business include chief operating officers, financial officers and treasurers.)

Bank Account Details

For linking your bank account to your PayPal account to accept payments.

6 digits
Up to 9 digits

Bank Account Verification

When we link your PayPal account to your bank account, PayPal will deposit two small sums (less than $1) into your account. Once the amounts are deposited, the amounts are entered into your PayPal account's verification tool. This is an added security measure, which also allows for some more features:

  • Make instant payments funded from your bank account.
  • Transfer funds from your bank account to your PayPal account.
  • Become verified and raise withdrawal limits.

After you're account is setup, we will contact you to learn the value of these two deposit amounts, in order to complete this verification step.

Security Questions

Adding security questions help PayPal to know when a valid attempt is made to log into your account. In our experience, your account can be frozen (which means your shop doesn't work for that time) if PayPal suspects an invalid login, even if it is valid - e.g. if you log in from a different device. At that point, the security questions are required to un-freeze the account. So we prefer to set them up at the start and avoid hold-ups like this to your shop wherever possible.

However, if you feel more comfortable, you can log in to the account yourself and add the security questions after setup.

Identity Confirmation

PayPal may need to confirm your identity as the account holder.

Note: If you prefer to do this yourself without our assistance or legwork, you can log in and do so once the account is created.

We do our best to be thorough with this form, so we can be efficient and avoid flooding your inbox with questions during the setup of your account. However, PayPal are often updating their account information requirements, so we'll contact you if we need any further information.