Welcome to your new website! Here’s how to log in.

Log in at yourwebsite.com/admin with your username and password.

Welcome to your new website.

To login, go to your domain name/admin. For example, yourdomainname.com.au/admin (or /wp-admin) and then use your password to login. You may get a captcha item here. You will need to check it off or follow the steps provided, then log in with your credentials.

Once you are logged in, it takes you to the dashboard page. You will be able to see the WordPress menu down the left-hand side.

Editing a Page

That’s how you can navigate to pages, for example, if you wanted to edit a page from the back.  You can also click on your site title from there and it will take you to the front. Click on that now. It takes you to the front of the page and if you’re on the front you can click back on that at any point, then it takes you back to the dashboard again.

If you want to edit from the front, for example, the home page, click on that and it takes you to the home page. Once you are logged in on the front end, you will see an editing bar that includes the visual builder and wp rocket. You can use the wp rocket after making any changes you want, to clear the cache. If the admin bar doesn’t appear when you click through to the front, then it just means that your browser has remembered that you were not logged in before and it needs to know that you’re logged in. You can do this by clearing the cache. Without the admin bar, hold down shift on your keyboard and then refresh while you’re holding shift. This will clear the cache and your editing bar should appear.


Accept Google’s reCAPTCHA Privacy Policy and terms to log in, if required.

If you are ready to log into your website but you’re presented with Google’s reCAPTCHA message, click on the link to agree to the terms. Once you’ve done that, the reCAPTCHA will appear and you can then follow the prompts and login with your username and password.


Click on the “Lost your password?” link to reset your password.

If you’re ready to login to your website but you wish to change your password from the one that you’ve been given, go to the login address, yourwebsite.com.au/wp-admin. Click on the link below the logins, called “lost your password”.   

Enter your username and click on the button to get a new password.  A password reset request email will be automatically emailed to your user’s email address. From there you can follow the links and the prompts to reset your password.

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