What is the best website in the world?

This can be answered in many different ways. For example, how do you define the criteria for ‘best’? In our opinion, it could be based on any of the following criteria:

1. Aesthetically appealing: Like karenburkearchitect.com.au or magnoliaeastgosford.com.au

2. High performing website from a user perspective and functionality: For example clothing brand: hm.com/en_au or Real Estate website: zillow.com

3. The most interesting or fun website to visit Like bruno-simon.com or polishchristmasguide.com

4. The most relevant and helpful website to its audience: Like skyscanner.com or downforeveryoneorjustme.com

5. Top ranking, most visited website: Like google.com or youtube.com/


So, how do we answer this question?

We’ve given a couple of different examples for each of the criteria above, but in all honesty, it’s down to the individual opinion unless it’s statistically based. If you search for the most beautiful website in the world, you may be disappointed in the results or you may love what you see. There are obvious websites that are going to be the most visited, such as Google.com and Amazon…

From our experience, it’s about what the customer wants and needs to achieve. At MakeWeb, we are proud of the websites that we work on and could go as far as saying that some may be the best in the world, from both our perspective and our customers! We have beautiful websites, high performing and excellent functionality on some websites depending on what was needed, some are super helpful and we implement great SEO applications to ensure our customer websites rank well in the search results. But we’ll let you be the judge of that! Head over to our Portfolios page and see some of the great websites that we have worked on in collaboration with our customers.


So what’s the answer to ‘what is the best website in the world?’

You be the judge of that one!