What kind of content/wording goes on an about page?

If you are trying to structure your website and how to present the About page, here is what you can include:

  • What your business is about in terms of values, objectives/purpose and what is offered.
  • When you started your business and its story.
  • How many employees and any qualifications or relevant experience that will provide some background.
  • Awards that have been won to provide authority and credibility.
In a nutshell, your About page is to help position your brand with your customers and target audience. It’s sharing ‘who you are’ as a brand and business. This is where your customers can align their values to yours and see if what you’re selling is what they want before they head over to the rest of your website. Remember, most products and services are offered with other businesses – it’s about customer loyalty and choosing who they wish to do business with – so don’t skimp on your About page. This is where you need to set yourself apart and connect with your audience.


It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it needs to tell your story and provide enough substance to relate to who it needs to.


Start by writing your key points, check out other About Us pages and see which ones you think are well-written and capture your attention. Look at the type of information that has been shared, the structure and tone in which it is written – and apply it to your own page – in your own words, about your business and write it in the same way as how you ‘talk’ to your audience.


Good luck!