of Country - Yarning Session

We were honoured to have a yarning session with Bara Barang, an organisation who delivers Aboriginal cultural awareness. After a heartfelt acknowledgement of Country, we were invited to discuss "acknowledgements of Country".

Bara Barang had brought some examples for us to look over. And we brought an example from the Museum of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay.

It was a sobering thought to start the discussion with that example and then to realise through storytelling that the example we had chosen, happened to stand on the ground of the landing of the First Fleet. And so it really was ground zero of the start of the genocide.

Sobering, but fitting. Place matters. Stories matter. For me (Isaac), Circular Quay has been a place of significant outings as a child and (as) an adult. Though when you're brave enough to hear stories from 40,000 years ago, rather than 200 years, then this place has a very different significance.

We are grateful for all those who have been acknowledging the Aboriginal people before us. We are grateful to Bara Barang and other groups who advocate and work to share the awareness of Aboriginal culture.

The day we sat down to a Yarning session felt peaceful, completely unlike the pace of modern day business. We slowed down to discuss something of deep significance.

This website was written and designed and built by people who live on Darkingung and Birpai Country.

And though we think of the Internet as being in the clouds, it is actually in a place. And ours, we are proud to say, is in a premium server room in Macquarie Park, which is on Gadigal Country.