meet our support team

We're here to help you with changes, updates and additions to your website when you need us.

Once your website goes live, there will be a time when you will need to make changes or additions.

Along with our development and design team, our local website support team are on hand to help with your updates and changes via our support email inbox.

Please read our FAQ section below for quick answers or contact us by completing our support request form, or email by us directly via

And be sure to read over our Terms of Service.

MEET Sonja

Sonja joined us in late 2022 and brings over 23 years' experience in customer service, website support and graphic design.

Sonja is our support and project coordinator here at MakeWeb and is available on email to assist when you need help.

Meet Sarah

Sarah has been with MakeWeb since 2021 and is a qualified digital marketer with over 30 years experience.

Sarah's focus is on website content creation, local SEO, Google Business Profile Optimisation and digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make my own changes?

Yes! we fully support our clients making changes, we understand that being self sufficient feels good!

For most of your site, you will be able to make changes to content, images and other areas. There are some components of website which are developed and coded so those will need to be handled by our team which we can discuss with you as you request changes.

We can also provide unique video tutorials specifically for you and your staff to do your own ongoing updates which you can refer back to and use for onboarding of new staff.

Get Started! You will need to login to your websites WordPress dashboard to make changes. You can find the login details in the email we sent you when your website went live. If you can't find them, we can resend this to you.

HERE’S A VIDEO from our team to help you get started. If you would like a custom tutorial video for your specific site, we can arrange this for you also.

Can you teach me/us on how to make changes?

At your request our support team can provide unique video tutorials specifically for you and your staff to do your own ongoing updates which you can refer back to and use for onboarding of new staff.

We can also run training sessions online by screensharing in Google Meet by appointment.

Speak to our team about this service.

Can you do my changes and how much will it cost?

Yes, we can update your website for you. We charge at an hourly rate, and do our best to get your changes done as fast as possible. See our note below about turn around times.

Our Support Rates:

  • Standard Rate -  $130+GST/hr 
  • Urgent Priority - $195+GST/hr
  • Urgent priority over weekend or public holiday $260+GST/hr

How long will it take for my changes to be completed?

The type of update or change you need determines how long it will take our team to get the work completed for you. Some are very quick changes, and some are more in depth and may have functionality or design changes which our development team will work on, which will take longer.

We work on a standard 5-10 day turn around for non urgent changes.

We do have a pipeline of work in production that we work around but do our absolute best to ensure changes are gotten to as quickly as possible.

If you can advise us at the time of submitting your change request how urgent your work is, it will assist us in meeting your needs.

Can I add additional users / staff to my site to access it?

Yes, this can be done by us, or you can do this yourself in the “users” area of your dashboard. If you are working with a third party have them contact us via for access.

My contact forms aren't working, what do I do?

It is important to test your contact forms on a regular basis. While we do check this annually for you, we highly recommend that you test your contact form/s regularly to ensure that entries remain successful in coming through to your email inbox.

If the form is not working, please contact our support team via and we will assist right away.

Do I need to update WordPress and Plugins?

There are many moving parts to a website, including plugins and the version of WordPress your website is built on. It's tempting to go in and update everything with all the notifications that are shown on the dashboard, however running updates can cause different parts to not work together.

Keeping on top of software updates is good for your website security.

As part of your website hosting with us, your website is on daily backups. So if you would prefer to run updates yourself, this is relatively safe and we can provide some starting advice:

  • Never update to a completely new version of WordPress, wait until the sub-versions are released. The new versions tend to have bugs and the sub-versions tend to fix those bugs. For example, we wouldn't advise updating to WordPress 6.2, but rather wait until WordPress 6.2.1 is available and update then.
  • The same goes for Plugins.
  • You may even want to run updates in stages, so that if anything breaks, you will at least be able to narrow down where the cause lies (e.g. with which update).
  • Check over your website carefully after you run backups to find or ensure there are no breakages. I would also recommend testing your contact form after running updates. (Contact forms can be fickle, but are important to have working effectively.)

Even with precautions, things can still break because plugin versions may not be compatible with each other, or with particular versions of WordPress or the Theme. In this case, this is where the backups come in handy.

Speak to our team today about our Software Maintenance Package.


I'm getting so much spam through my website form, what should I do?

Spammers are always learning new ways to get through tight security protocols.

If you experience an increase in spam contact us immediately to discuss your current security settings.

Help, I think my website is down!

You can test if your website is down for you only, or if it is down for everyone by putting the address here:

Contact us immediately if your site is down for everyone and we will run tests to see what the issue is.


Can you give me any tips on SEO or making the most of my website?

We offer a Google Business Profile service to assist with local SEO, and you can also read some of our recent articles on how to best utilise your website.

How do I find my hosting passwords?

Your WordPress website passwords were provided when your website was launched. You can reset the password using your email address. Or if you are having trouble logging in to WordPress then you can get in touch with us on to create new accounts or change passwords.

The other account you’ll most likely need is for cPanel. The easiest way to access this is to login to Reach out to us if you don’t have those details on file. On that dashboard you can see all your domain and hosting services, and click into cPanel via that interface. If you need a direct cPanel password, reach out to us on

How do I contact MakeWeb if there is a problem with my website?

You can email which is monitored regularly during Australian business hours should there be an emergency with our email not working. Outside of hours we do provide a form for submitting a support request, which is monitored by a skeleton staff. While we don’t offer 24/7 support, we do have 24/7 technicians at the data centre for worst case scenarios. Our service is built on proactivity and using software to monitor websites for problems. And our aim, while minimising problems, is that our system will alert us automatically of outages. This means we can often rectify it swiftly before it becomes a problem.